Boarding Instructions

  • Truck drivers must be present at the port offices for check-in at least 3 hours prior the departure time and must have their shipping documents with them.
  • In the case of delay, the driver must inform the port office in due time so that the booking is not cancelled.
  • The driver, after having the bill of lading etc., should take his truck to the parking space indicated by the coast office.
  • The driver should be on his truck at the tme the embarkation starts. The company has no responsibility of the non embarkation of his truck, in case the driver is absent.

ATTENTION: Unaccompanied vehicles (trailers) are loaded first and should be at the port 5 hours prior the departure time.

Information during the trip

There is a Closed Circuit TV and the garage is constantly observed, to avoid any damages.

Free electricity is given to the fridge trucks. The use of cooling machines during the trip is not allowed. The drivers should inform the First Officer upon embarkation.

Special Cargo
In case a truck carries alive animals, the reservation must be made directly to the endeavor lines at least 72 hours before departure. If the reservation is confirmed, the truck must be at the port at least 4 hours before departure. The shipping fee is the double of the regular one.
In case a truck carries special machinery (agricultural-earthwork etc) the company must be informed about the vehicle's data & cargo (size/weight etc.) and a special fee should be appointed.

Special cargo is when:

  • the height of the vehicle is over 4 m and its width over 2.60 m.
  • the weight per axis is over 12 tons and the total weight is over 40 tons.

IONION PELAGOS is entitled to forbid the embarkation to vehicles when:

  • their cargo is dangerous for the public health.
  • the Captain judges that the cargo poses a risk to the ship's stability.
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